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The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has decided to take up this challenge. They have suggested a rule that all vehicles sold within the US have V2V communication technology within 5 years.

Talking Cars

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Since November 2011, Car2Go has been in operation in San Diego California. In that time they have accumulated over 40,000 members or customers. But this may not be enough to stay in business in this city.

Car2Go thumb

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There may be no specific laws banning vehicle exports overseas, and Ohio Judge Sandra Beckwith also agrees. But many luxury automakers are using the Government to persecute legitimate buyers, simply because they are involved in the transfer of these vehicles overseas.

Dodge Ram

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Combining parts from the Jeep TJ Wrangler, a 1966 Jeep CJ Tuxedo Park, and a Jeep JK Wrangler to create this new model could probably only be done with the help of Mopar.

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In an attempt to improve its reputation, VW has released a set of videos that will showcase its new sport utility SUV, which may be called Atlas.

Volkswagen Logo

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