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Car Sharing companies similar to Car2Go are very new and most companies are still in the growth phase.

These companies are now operating in over 30 countries and the industry is expected to support 36 million people by 2025.

With the shift in consumer behavior towards owning less vehicles, or not owning a vehicle at all, and advances in technology like mobile applications, more people are adopting lifestyles around car sharing, ride sharing, and on demand taxi services.

Today there are a variety of service models offered by companies like Car2Go, Lyft, Uber, Zipcar, and RelayRides. Their service types vary and include One-way trips, Round trips, and personal vehicle sharing.

Car2Go was founded in 2008 in Ulm, Germany, and they pioneered one–way car sharing.

It’s a subsidiary of Daimler AG, and was developed and tested internally by Daimler employees. Currently they operate over 14000 vehicles which are mostly Smart Fortwo Models.

Their company charges per the minuet or fixed rates. These charges cover rental, gas, insurance, and even parking fees in certain areas.

Using their own first-party app or other third-party apps, users can locate a car they need, and even check its gas or battery level.

Car2Go currently boasts over 2 million users in over 30 cities.

Since November 2011, Car2Go has been in operation in San Diego California. In that time they have accumulated over 40,000 members or customers. But this may not be enough to stay in business in this city.

It may be that not enough people in San Diego like car sharing in general, or they might be turned off by the model of the car that is being used.

Whatever the reason, the 5 years the company has been in this city will come to an end on December 31st of 2016.  According to Car2Go; "we have not seen enough adoption of our unique one–way car sharing service here to continue operations at this point."

Car2Go says they will return to San Diego if this type of service becomes much more popular, and folks embrace the benefits to the economy and the environment.

Car2Go will remain in other American Cities like Seattle and Columbus, and of course continue its operations worldwide.

In the email announcement they also stated that the North Harbor Drive Spanish Landing parking area will no longer be considered part of the San Diego Home Area – effective immediately.

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