Vw LogoVolkswagen sales have declined in the wake of its recent toxic diesel problems which came to light when the EPA ousted the German Automakers use of software to manipulate the emissions quality testing in their favor.

Faking EPA test results may not be exclusive to VW. But VW was caught first and bare the brunt of the backlash from consumers.

Nevertheless, the industry as a whole trust German engineering when it comes to safety in comparison to similar models, which is a major selling point.

In an attempt to improve its reputation, VW has released a set of videos that will showcase its new sport utility SUV, which may be called Atlas.

Volkswagen has a hyper focus on the US market with these videos, which presents the vehicle as an All American SUV by showing it moving through various American landscapes, and having other US based experiences.

Their plan of releasing the eight part video series is to reintroduce consumers to this vehicles American roots. VWs product manager in America says in the first video that our country is so vast, and we love driving across it – indicating this SUV is made for the family experience of exploring this big country.

VW has been hinting at a three row automobile release for a few years, and this new SUV looks to be that new release. It is modern and better looking than similar vehicles. In General SUVs can be way too small inside, but this model is much roomier.

It’s capable of carrying 7 passengers, and may come with I4 or V6 engines. It also comes with all-wheel drive, and thicker tire sidewalls for dampening road bumps among other key features. This vehicle is very similar to the CrossBlue SUV, according to CNET.

The new automobile is set to be revealed fully at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, 2016. CEO of VW North America, Mr Woebcken, has stated this product will give their brand greater market coverage, which is an upgrade from their current position as a small car company.

Most of this vehicle was developed, and will be manufactured in the US. This new model will not be available in Europe, where it may be considered a semi truck.

The new SUV is expected to go on sale in the second quarter of 2017.

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